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Austin's only true alternative rock station. Edgy, hip, and young. Trevin is my favorite 101X DJ (weekdays 7pm-10pm) - I'm impressed that someone can talk that fast and still be so articulate.

101X Programming and Station Highlights

  • 6am - 10am - The Morning X - hosted by Jason Dick and Deb O'Keefe, the Morning X is one of Austin's two best morning shows (along with KLBJ's Dudley and Bob). Deb O'Keefe actually got her start on on JB and Sandy's vacuous and long-running morning show on Mix 94.7 but has thrived since coming to KROX where she gets to say "douche bag" with impunity.
  • 10am - 2pm - Lynn
  • 2pm - 6pm - Toby
  • 6pm - 10pm - Trevin
  • 10pm - Midnight (Sun - Thur) - Dr. Drew
  • 10pm - Midnight (Sat) - Hypersonic with Jason Jenkins
  • 8am - 11am (Sun) - Chillville with Raydog - "The Cure for Your Sunday Morning Hangover"
  • 8pm - 10pm (Sun) - The Next Big Thing with Andy Langer

101X Videos - Austin Radio

Jason Dick jumping rope . . .

Deb forced to buy Jason a high tech Coke . . .

Jason Dick and Andy Langer re-enact the George W. Bush Shoe-Throwing Incident . . .

Deb weighs her boobs . . .