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About Real-Austin-Texas.com

About this site:

Part directory, part scrapbook, and part time capsule, Real-Austin-Texas.com is intended to be (eventually) a comprehensive site of useful Austin resources while at the same time celebrating Austin’s unique culture and honoring its rich history.

Begun in earnest in the Spring of 2009, the process of constructing this site is a multi-year project. But, as they say, neither Rome nor Austin were built in a day.

About Brad Castro

Brad Castro My name is Brad Castro, and I’m the one man operation responsible for this site. I basically do everything myself with a keyboard, internet access, and a bottle of Scotch.

I'm kidding.

I much prefer Austin's own Tito's Handmade Vodka (distilled six times) for my web-building operations.

My Background:

I’ve lived in a lot of different places – the Mojave Desert, the Puget Sound, the Willamette Valley, Yellowstone National Park, Montana, Wyoming, Sacramento, and Baton Rouge. No, I wasn’t in trouble with the law. I simply come from a long line of wanderers.

Contrary to popular belief, the wanderer isn’t perpetually dissatisfied with his or her surroundings and living under the illusion that something better awaits in a different place. Quite the opposite is true. For the wanderer, Place is magical—all places, and he or she yearns to experience as many of those places as possible.

But eventually, most wanderers settle down. And that was true for me as well when I moved to Austin in the early spring of 1997.

I fell in love with Austin at once (although it took a while for the relationship with the climate to develop into something special – I moved here directly from Montana, and the temperature/humidity contrast made for some unpleasant initial summers).

In hindsight, I’ve loved every place I’ve ever lived – even those places I didn’t love at the time. And my ashes will one day be secretly smuggled into Yellowstone National Park and scattered along the eastern shores of Yellowstone Lake. But still, there's no doubt that Austin is home. It’s a tremendous city filled with exceptional individuals and it’s been profoundly good to me over the years.

This site is my way of chronicling and sharing the things I love most about Austin, and in some admittedly inadequate way, it’s also my way of attempting to repay this great town.

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