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austin cool house tour 2012

Austin Cool House Tour
June 3, 2012
10:00 am - 6:00 pm
10 Featured Homes/Projects
Tickets/Guidebook - $20/person
Kids 12 and Under - Free

As its name states, this has been a very cool annual Austin event since its inception back 1997. The premise of the Austin Cool House Tour is this: each year the Texas Solar Energy Society and Austin Energy Green Building organize a home tour featuring notable local solar and other green projects.

Tickets are purchased in the form of a guidebook and map that highlights the homes and projects for the current year's tour. The Cool Home Tour Guidebook can be purchased at either TreeHouse @ Westgate Shopping Center , Zinger Hardware @ N. Lamar , or online (note: a $3.35 shipping and handling charge will be added).

You can also preview the guidebook online here .

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Examples and features typically on display include:

  • passive energy efficient design
  • active solar photovoltaic systems
  • solar thermal systems
  • small wind energy generation
  • smart-grid technology
  • reclaimed/recycled/locally-made material use
  • urban and rural rainwater collection

Note: this is not a tightly structured or scheduled tour event - it's more like a day of open houses.

With 10 sites in 2012 scattered across the Austin metro area (including both southwest Austin and Pflugerville to the north), it would be crazy to try to hit each location - just let the high quality guide be your guide and focus only on those homes that you're most drawn to or related to your own projects.

This is a really neat event and a terrific educational opportunity to see first hand the practical application of renewable and efficient energy design, whether in new construction or as remodel projects.

And with energy prices continually on the rise, building green doesn't just make ecological sense - it makes economic sense.

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