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The Austin Dentures Page

The Austin Dentures Page is your online resource for researching and answering your questions about dentures in the Austin Texas area.

Are Dentures Right for You?

Dentures can be a good solution for anyone who has lost a number of teeth or who is in the process of losing them.

The technology, craftsmanship, and overall quality of dentures has improved dramatically in recent years. We've come a long way since George Washington's wooden teeth (actually, they were ivory).

They are also considerably more affordable than dental implants any other cosmetic procedures. With good insurance, you'll typically pay only a small portion of the costs.

Perhaps the biggest benefit to dentures is that they provide a viable long term solution to your dental needs so that you can finally stop worrying about your teeth!

Denture Types

There are a number of different solutions and uses of dentures:

  • Immediate Dentures - These are designed to be placed and used, as their name implies, immediately upon the extraction of your remaining teeth. The big advantage here is that you go home from your dentist with a full set of teeth. The disadvantage is that you likely won't get a perfect fit at first and will need to schedule a return visit to adjust the dentures once your gums and mouth have healed.
  • Complete Dentures - Also known as Conventional Dentures, these are full upper and lower sets that you don't begin wearing until after your remaining teeth have been removed and your mouth has had a chance to heal.
  • Upper Dentures - Same as above, but designed to replace only your upper teeth. Patients generally have an easier time adjusting to these than they do the full conventional set.
  • Over Dentures - Similar to Complete Dentures, but with one notable difference - not all teeth are removed. Some remain and are used to anchor the dentures. This makes chewing much easier, although the procedure requires more visits and, understandably, costs a bit more.
  • Partial Dentures - A good solution when you're only missing a few teeth due to decay or accidents. The partial dentures are anchored to your surrounding teeth.

How Long Do Dentures Last?

They typically last anywhere from 5 to 10 years. As the quality has improved, they may not actually wear out before they need to be replaced.

Why is that? Your mouth and jaw both change over time. As those adjustments occur, you may find that your set no longer fits as well as it used to. And wearing dentures long after they no longer fit can damage your mouth and jaw.

How Much Care and Maintenance is Required?

Very little actually. Ideally, you'll want to clean your set after meals as you would your natural teeth, and you'll typically clean them and allow them to soak overnight, but in exchange for no longer having to worry about or deal with tooth decay, it's not a bad deal at all.

Note: because the denture material is rigid and somewhat fragile, you will need to exercise special care when handling and cleaning.

How Will Dentures Affect You?

There's no doubt that they will take some getting used to. You will undoubtedly need make adjustments to how you've been used to chewing and speaking. It may take a few days practicing and getting used to your new teeth before you become an old pro.

But remember - dentures are widespread and provide a practical and functional solution to an age-old problem.

Tips When Considering Austin Dentures

Whether you live in this area and are considering Austin dentures or you live somewhere else, there are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Try not to get the cheapest dentures you can find - If you're uninsured and living on a tight budget, you may be tempted to buy the cheapest set you can find. Unfortunately, they're probably cheap for a reason. If at all possible, try to get something of quality for your money. Dentures are a long term commitment - and one that you'll be reminded of every day if you buy a set of poor quality.
  • Need a referral? Ask around - The best source of unbiased information on any subject or product is from your friends, family, and acquaintances who have direct experience with that subject or product.
  • Relax - Try not to stress about any of this. In Austin, dentures and denture resources, along with cosmetic dentistry and first class dentists all abound.
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