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Considering an Austin Sedation Dentist?

If you've been avoiding a visit to a dentist for any number of reasons, an Austin Sedation Dentist might be your perfect solution.

Don't worry - you're not alone. A lot of people avoid the dentist. Sometimes it's due to costs and a lack of insurance. But often, it's for psychological reasons.

Dental Anxiety

There are two basic reasons why people intentionally avoid visiting a dentist: fear and embarrassment.

If you're actually afraid to see a dentist, or fear the pain of dental procedures, it's likely that you do so because of a negative, even traumatic, experience in the past. You may now consider the fear irrational, but that doesn't mean it's any less real or difficult to overcome.

Dentists are only human, of course, and not all dentists are terrific at what they do. If you take your car to a mechanic and get poor quality work done, you'll probably be angry and annoyed. But you're not going to swear off all future car repairs.

Your teeth and your mouth are far more personal than your vehicle, of course. For the same reason, they're also more important. Be patient with yourself. It will likely take several (or more!) positive dental experiences to counter your previous negative experience(s).

Other sources of fear and anxiety may arise if you have particularly sensitive teeth or a severe gag reflex.

You can call it embarrassment, guilt, or shame, but whatever you call it, this is another major reason why many people avoid the dentist. Let's face it, there are only a couple other places on your body more private or intimate.

For this person, it's not so much fear of visiting a dentist as much as it is dread. You dread the intrusion, the violation of your personal space, and the feeling somehow that your dental problems reveal you at your worst and call into question your very worth as a human being.

And the more you delay needed dental procedures, the worse your anxiety and guilt become.

Shame is an ugly reality because it makes its victims feel ugly. As with dental fear, you may recognize that your dental shame is irrational (teeth are just bones in your mouth, after all), but that doesn't lessen its grip on you.

Austin Sleep Dentistry - The Solution?

If you can relate in any way to the descriptions above, visiting an Austin Sedation Dentist (or Austin Sleep Dentist), may be the perfect solution.

Imagine being able to take care of much needed dental procedures with little, if any, conscious memory of the experience. If you think about it, it's the best of both worlds - you get the procedures you really need and you still get to avoid the dentist.

Other important benefits of an Austin Sedation Dentist include:

More Efficient Procedures - The more relaxed you are, the easier it's going to be on your dentist. It's likely that the work will get done more quickly and with fewer distractions.

Lots of Work Done at Once - If you have a lot of work that needs to be done, sedation dentistry makes it practical to schedule a longer visit and knock it all out.

No More Negative Experiences - What you can't recall can't hurt you. But it's not just the lack of memory - it's that you experience your dental visit in a calm and relaxing manner.

The dentistry world has changed dramatically over the last decade or two. The technology has improved and so has the recognition among most dentists that compassion is just as important as skill.

So do yourself a huge favor and find an Austin Sedation Dentist today. You deserve good dental health, a smile you're not embarrassed by, and to have that gigantic weight lifted off your shoulders.

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