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Texas Monthly voted Burger Tex as #14 in its "50 Greatest Hamburgers in Texas" issue (August 2009). But as far I'm concerned, burgers here are the best you'll find in Austin - or anywhere else for that matter.

Website: www.burgertex.com (Airport BLVD location)

Burger Tex Menu

Austin Restaurants - Burger Tex - Austin Texas

There are currently four Austin locations (see maps below) - 2 North, 1 South, and 1 Downtown in the UT area.

The Burger Tex Advantage

What's so great about burgers here? I've analyzed the question and came up with three components to burger superiority:

  • The Meat - Technically, Texas Monthly awarded the Bulgoki Burger (a sliced patty rather than ground and marinated Korean barbecue style) the #14 slot, but the seasonings are so perfect and delicious on just the regular USDA Choice Chuck Patties, that the basic bacon cheeseburger is a meal you won't soon forget.
  • The Bun - A first class burger requires a first class bun. Here they're baked fresh daily and you're also given the choice of wheat buns as well.
  • Condiments - A simple but brilliant idea: stock a condiment bar with fresh lettuce and a ton of other fresh condiments, including jalapenos and pico de gallo (it's Texas, after all), and trust the customers to build their own premium burger. For me, a world class burger is not complete without a ton of lettuce and plenty of onions.

Austin Restaurant Guide - Burger Tex - Austin Texas

Other Burger Tex Menu Items

Austin Restaurant Reviews - Burger Tex - Austin Texas

There are other menu items you also might want to check out in addition to the burgers.

There's actually a pretty extensive menu here that includes ribeye steaks, pork chops, catfish, shrimp, country fried steaks and chickens, cheese steak sandwiches (very good), and an assortment of other sandwiches, including a veggie burger.

There's also close to a dozen different sides if you ever get tired of french fries, including green beans, fried okra, and fried pickles.

Burger Tex Maps - Austin, Texas

North Location #1

5420 Airport Blvd
Austin, TX 78751

BurgerTex Map Airport BLVD - Austin Restaurants - Austin Texas

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North Location #2

220 E Anderson LN
Austin, TX 78752

BurgerTex Map Anderson LN - Austin Restaurants - Austin Texas

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Downtown Location

2912 Guadalupe ST
Austin, TX 78705

BurgerTex Map Guadalupe ST - Austin Restaurants - Austin Texas

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South Location

6705 W Hwy 290
Austin, TX 78735

BurgerTex Map HWY 290 - Austin Restaurants - Austin Texas

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