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Deep Eddy Mile
July 14, 2012
Deep Eddy Pool

The Deep Eddy Mile (which first began in 2002) is an American Swimming Association (ASA) sanctioned competitive pool race at Austin's historic landmark Deep Eddy pool.

The race is 1766 yards and 2 feet which works out to be 53 laps of the pool. No tech suits, fins, artificial aids, etc. are allowed (and I'm assuming that also goes for floatation devices and water craft as well - which means, of course, that if I attempted this race, I would most likely drown).

The complete set of rules and registration requirements for the Deep Eddy Mile can be found here , but some of the important highlights are:

  • The race is open only to registered ASA members eighteen and older
  • Each participant must provide their own timer and someone to count/track their progress
  • Check website for registration deadline to avoid late entry registration fee (not posted at the time of this writing)
  • Registration and membership applications are mailed rather than processed online

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Current Mile Record Holders at Deep Eddy Pool

Category Time Record Holder
18-29 Men 21:43.75 Keith Astoria
18-29 Women 20:54.49 Katelyn Erickson
30-39 Men 19:46:05 Ross Davis
30-39 Women 22:23.59 Kristen Turner
40-49 Men 20:31.74 Seth Huston
40-49 Women 21:24.01 Erin Scott
50-59 Men 20:31.45 Keith Bell
50-59 Women 24:30.59 Sandy Neilson-Bell
60-69 Men 21:15:30 Keith Bell
60-69 Women 34:37.72 Maria Johnson
70+ Men 45:26.67 Robert Murray
70+ Women 34:23.05 Beverly Lowry

Map - Deep Eddy Mile

Map - Deep Eddy Pool
401 Deep Eddy DR
Austin, Texas 78703

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