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Austin Concerts Page

Emo's Austin - Image courtesy of ponchosqueal
Emo's Austin Concerts Austin Live Music

603 Red River Street
Austin Texas 78701
Official Emo's Site

Map - Emo's Austin

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Upcoming Shows

  • The Bravery Tickets 2009-10-23 Austin, TX, Emo's

  • Warren G Tickets 2009-10-27 Austin, TX, Emo's

  • Gossip Tickets 2009-10-29 Austin, TX, Emo's

  • Say Anything Tickets 2009-11-17 Austin, TX, Emo's

  • The Get Up Kids Tickets 2009-11-18 Austin, TX, Emo's

  • Cartel Tickets 2009-11-20 Austin, TX, Emo's

  • Skinny Puppy Tickets 2009-12-02 Austin, TX, Emo's

  • The Devil Wears Prada Tickets 2009-12-15 Austin, TX, Emo's

  • Anvil Tickets 2010-01-25 Austin, TX, Emo's

  • Emo's

    Bury the Living @ Emo's
    Image courtesy of pusgums

    Emo's Austin Concerts Austin Live Music
    A dirty, seething, and (unless it's the dead of winter) sweltering indie-punk club, Emo's probably has the most loyal patron base among the universe of Austin clubs and bars. Concerts here run the gamut, with some of the best local, regional, and national indie acts booked on a regular basis.

    Austin live music doesn't get much more authentic or intense than this.

    Even the things that are the worst about Emo's are the things that add to its . . . well, charm isn't exactly the right word. It's more like a defiant badge of honor.

    Take the bathrooms. You can't possibly imagine anything more gruesome. If you ever have to choose between spending the afterlife in hell or an Emo's restroom, do yourself a huge favor and grab a pitchfork. There's nothing in the third-world that even comes close to these typhoid-breeding babies. They're only to be used as a last resort. In fact, you'd be better off just shutting down your kidneys.

    Oxygen is not always available in plentiful supply either. Even, or especially as the case may be, outside where the second stage is. The air just doesn't seem to circulate very well here. More people pass out from asphyxiation than they do from alcohol.

    And, of course, it's almost always packed. Most shows are all ages, although there are some that are 18 and up. In either case, that makes for a younger crowd. Depending on your perspective and personality, that can be either a plus or a minus.

    Not only does none of this matter to the true lover of Emo's - it's what makes Emo's so great. But, of course, it's the music that's the real draw. If you're really into indie bands you can see some of your favorite acts very cheaply and in a small, intimate, and intense setting.

    Emo's Austin Concerts
    (Live Performances)

    Ghostland Observatory @ Emo's

    Pong @ Emo's

    Jawbreaker @ Emo's

    The Black Keys @ Emo's

    Recover @ Emo's

    The Mars Volta @ Emo's


    Sword @ Emo's


    Tokyo Police Club @ Emo's


    Blonde Redhead @ Emo's


    Jimmy Eat World @ Emo's


    What Made Milwaukee Famous @ Emo's


    Hey Monday @ Emo's

    NeverShoutNever @ Emo's

    The Maine @ Emo's

    Dynamite Boy @ Emo's

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