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Enchiladas Y Mas

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Enchiladas Y Mas may never win any awards for style or ambiance, but eating here is a treat. Plain and simple - this is good food.

1911 W. Anderson LN (78757)
Tue-Sat 7am-8:45pm
Sun 7am-2pm
Closed Mondays
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Enchiladas Y Mas in Austin

Enchiladas Y Mas Review

Family owned and operated since the mid to late 1990s, the restaurant serves some of the best breakfast tacos in Austin and is always a popular lunch time destination (popular as in a line out the door).

People come for the enchiladas and the stay for the mas. The fajitas also get consistently good reviews. And while the menu itself isn't huge, the food is terrific and the portions are generous.

There's nothing fancy or upscale about the building or the location. And nothing quirky either. The Authentic Austin nature of the restaurant comes entirely from the food.

There are a couple of memorable slogans, however: "Food So Good You'd Think Ol' Maggie was Back in Town" (a reference to the late Maggie Hernandez, the legendary cook for many years at El Patio, another Austin Tex-Mex landmkark), and (printed on the tickets) the sensible adage, "Never Trust a Skinny Cook."

Mas About Enchiladas Y Mas

Enchiladas Y Mas in Austin

Located on West Anderson LN just east of Burnet RD, the restaurant is situated in one of Austin's more treeless areas. This part of Austin has the feel of not having been vital since the '70s. Nothing actually dilapidated or blighted, but summers just seem hotter over here with all the pavement and absence of foliage.

But the restaurant is easily accesssible from a number of nearby major roadways - Lamar BLVD and I-35 from the east, Burnet RD and Mo-Pac (Loop 1) from the west, and US-183 from the north.

Finally, note the limited hours. The restaurant isn't open on Mondays. It also closes @ 2pm Sundays and @ 8:45pm all other nights. There is a bar with limited selections of beer, wine, and margaritas (Happy Hour is from 4pm - 6pm), but this isn't going to be your best choice for experiencing the Austin Nightlife.

Enchiladas Y Mas Map - Austin Restaurants

1911 W. Anderson LN
Austin, Texas 78757

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