Funky Chicken Coop Tour

Funky Chicken Coop Tour - Austin Texas

Funky Chicken Coop Tour
April 7, 2012
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Multiple Austin Locations
Admission - $10/map (can be shared with your group)

What's better than farm fresh eggs or a nice fat country fryer? Scrambled eggs or fried chicken fresh from your own Austin back yard.

Austin city ordinances actually allow for owning chickens within city limits, although there are restrictions.

The Funky Chicken Coop Tour is a free, self-guided tour of local coops by participating poultry owners designed to provide you with information, ideas, and inspiration on how you, too, can join the ranks of sustainability.

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2012 tour maps are available for $10. You'll need the map in order to take your self-guided tour, but you can use one map for your whole touring party. You can pre-order online and pick them up at the Information Center or just buy them at the Information Center on the day of the event.

Participating homeowners will NOT have maps available - they must be picked up/purchased at the Information Center @:

Buck Moore Feed and Supply
5237 North Lamar BLVD
Austin, Texas 78751

Other Important Guidelines - These are pretty much common sense but need to addressed nonetheless:

  • No dogs or other pets are allowed on the tour
  • Please be courteous to homeowners
  • No harassing the funky chickens
  • Please don't ask to use any homeowner's bathroom

2012 Funky Chicken Coop Tour - Information Center

Buck Moore Feed and Supply
5237 North Lamar BLVD
Austin, Texas 78751

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