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It's fitting that a music-centric city like Austin, Texas would also be home to one of the best classical music radio stations in the country.

Am I biased? Possibly a little. But KMFA is a true 24 hour, 7 days a week classical radio station. In much of the country, the only classical music you're going to get is late at night or early in the morning on your local NPR station.

The station is commercial free and almost entirely listener supported. That means two things - more music and a greater variety of music.

The variety is important. This isn't a Top 40 format applied to classical music. Sure, there's plenty of Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach, but there's also a lot of other stuff off the beaten path, as it were. You just don't hear the same stuff over and over again.

I also like that the station keeps an extensive playlist on their site - if you're listening in your car on your way to or from work or out running errands and you catch part of something that really turns you on, you can easily go back later and find out what it was.

In fact, I owe much of my own classical music library to hearing a 5-7 minute selection here and then downloading the full performance from Amazon (if you want a physical copy, you can usually order directly through the station's site and help support them that way).

Finally, the DJs - although it feels a little out of place to call them DJs - have that perfect blend of friendly sophistication and the ability to succinctly provide relevant introductions to various pieces.

No slight to the others, but I really like Jeffrey Blair and Dianne Donovan.