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No Idea Festival - Austin
January 16, 2010
Austin Art & Music Partnership (AAMP)
Admission - $8-$15 (sliding scale)

One of the more interesting Austin music festivals, the experimental and improvised No Idea Festival first began in 2003. The festival brings together a dozen or two improvisational and experimental musicians (mostly from the U.S. but with a growing international presence) for collaborative performances.

The event, organized by Austin percussionist Chris Cogburn, was initially a two day music festival in Austin. In recent years, however, No Idea has expanded to include performances in other Texas cities such as San Antonio, Houston, and Fort Worth as well as New Orleans.

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True to its improvisational nature, the event doesn't seem occur on a strictly annual basis. The 2008 and 2009 festivals were both held in February, but previous occurrences were held in a different month each year.

The 2009 festival was the largest one to date, involving five cities and performances over a two week period.

The January 2010 event was late to be promoted. The Austin event took place on January 16, 2010. The full Texas schedule for the festival:

1/13/2010 - San Antonio
1/14/2010 - Houston
1/16/2010 - Austin
1/17/2010 - Dallas

Additionally, an event in Mexico City has been tentatively scheduled for Spring 2010, but no information is currently available.

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