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Snow in Austin, Texas!

Austin Weather Pages

Austin Weather - Snow in Austin Texas Does it snow in Austin, Texas?

Of course it snows. It just doesn't snow very often, and when it does it rarely sticks. I typically get more accumulation in my freezer than Travis County gets all year.

I remember my first full winter in Austin. One cold afternoon in November of 1997, I witnessed what I maintain was the entire snowfall in Austin for the entire 1997-1998 season: a single snowflake falling in a parking lot in North Austin at 11:34 am. It melted before it ever hit the ground.

But sometimes the conditions align just right and we get a positive blizzard of an inch or so. And that's exactly what happened in Austin on February 23, 2010.

(The Austin snow pictures on this page are from the Great Blizzard of February 23, 2010.)

How to Build a Snowman in Austin, Texas

Trashy the Snowman - Austin Texas
Austin Weather - Snow in Austin Texas
First the good news (or the bad news depending on your perspective): There's no correct way to build a snowman in Austin. That should be obvious by the photos here of the one I constructed.

Incidentally, I lived in Montana for seven years and I never once made a snowman (in case it isn't obvious).

But still, the lack of quality in my snow sculpture here isn't from a lack of experience with snow - it's just that I suck at any art form that requires the use of my hands.

You should see what kind of damage I can do to a lump of clay.

But in this case, at least I comprehend the engineering behind making a snowman - sad to say but Trashy the Snowman here was the best (or at least the biggest) snowman in the neighborhood that day.

Many Austinites fail to grasp the concept of rolling a small snowball until it becomes a larger and larger and larger snowball. You simply can't build a proper snowman by scooping snow with your hands like raking so many wet leaves.

Trashy the Austin Snowman - Let's hope there's no magic in THAT hat
Austin Weather - Snow in Austin Texas

Austin, Texas Snow - The Rude Idaho Reply

"Real" snow from the competitive northern Rockies

Austin Weather - Snow in Austin Texas
Updated: After I added this page and forwarded the URL to a friend of mine who lives in Idaho (we knew each other back in our respective Montana days), she scoffed and sent me some pictures of "real" snow from her own driveway.

I have to admit that her accumulation was much greater (and a whole lot cleaner).

And of the photos she emailed me, this one is definitely my favorite - the one where she clearly mocks my picture from the top of the page.

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