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The Omelettry

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An under the radar institution since the 1978, The Omelettry Restaurant is one of Austin's marvelous hippie/slacker/artist gems.

4811 Burnet RD (Burnet & 49th)
Austin, Texas 78756
Hours: 7am-5pm Daily
No Website:
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Austin Restaurants - The Omelettry

The Omelettry Review - Omelettes and Pancakes

Before we get into the actual review, please note that you'll need to bring cash to eat here. Checks, credit cards, and debit cards are not accepted.

As you might suspect, The Omelettry specializes in breakfast, most notably omelets and pancakes.

The secret to a great omelet is a wide variety of ingredients and generous portions included inside. You get both here. Anything with onions is a good choice. The spinach-based Popeye Omelet is also a popular choice.

The pancakes are also consistently good, large, and filling. Although I prefer traditional buttermilk pancakes, the gingerbread pancakes here are the hands down favorite. Other versions include blueberry, banana, and even whole wheat.

The restaurant is open only for breakfast and lunch, and most people come here for the breakfast, but the BLT is pretty good. Note: home fries are served in lieu of French fries (or hash browns), and they get mixed reviews.

Pies are available for dessert, but I've never tried them (if the pancakes here don't fill you up, you certainly have some impressive stamina).

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Austin Restaurant Guide - The Omelettry

The Ambiance at The Omelettry

Just kidding - there's no ambiance here. Or atmosphere.

What you do get is a certain vibe. With its scruffy black and white checkerboard tiles, its cement walls, and its amply tattooed wait staff, some might call The Omelettry a dive. A matter of semantics. What I will say is that this is one of the best casual places in Austin to grab breakfast on the weekend with friends. If you're a little hungover, so much the better.

But do be prepared for a wait.

The wait staff is laid back, hip, and friendly, although I don't think it's entirely true what one reviewer on another site said when he commented, "but they also always look like they need a bath."

The food here is good, but the feel of the place is what has kept people coming back for more than 30 years.

The Omlettry Map - Austin, Texas

4811 Burnet RD
Austin, Texas 78756

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